Thirsty for Change: Global Fresh Water Demand to Outstrip Supply by 2030

Global fresh water 2030

What is the water crisis according to a recent report, and what recommendations are suggested to address it?

According to a recent report, the world is facing an imminent water crisis. The demand for fresh water is expected to exceed the supply by 40% by the end of the decade. 

The report calls for urgent action to stop the subsidization of the extraction and overuse of water, as well as the wasteful practices of industries from mining to manufacturing. 

The report also suggests managing water as a "global commons" and establishing "just water partnerships" to raise finance for water projects in developing and middle-income countries. 

The report sets out seven key recommendations, including reshaping the global governance of water resources, scaling up investment in water management through public-private partnerships, pricing water properly, and restoring freshwater systems such as wetlands.

 The report highlights the interdependence of countries when it comes to water and calls for policy changes to address this crisis.

The source for the article "Global fresh water demand to outstrip supply by 2030" is The Guardian. The article was published on March 17, 2023 and can be accessed at the following link:

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