Russian military uses meteorological balloons in aggression against Ukraine

Russian military uses balloons

Russia's military has started using meteorological balloons to gather information about Ukraine's air defense positions in their aggressive war, said Colonel Margo Grosberg, head of the Defense Intelligence Center.

Grosberg noted that this is a new tactic, first observed this week over Kiev. The balloons are used to wear down Ukraine's air defense as they need to track and destroy them, as it's unknown what payload they may carry. 

The use of balloons also wastes air defense weapons and tires out the crews, while revealing the location of the missile launches to the Ukrainian air defense teams. 

Grosberg explained that the cost of the balloons is much lower than the cost of an air defense missile, making it a clever and cheap ploy.

In addition, Grosberg noted that Russia still has the ability to produce missiles, as seen in the Kh-101 missile used in the attack on Lviv in January. This missile has a range of up to 3,000 kilometers and can carry up to a 450 kilogram warhead with an accuracy of 10-20 meters.

Grosberg further reported that the intensity of the conflict has increased, with Russia attacking new positions and areas such as the Orihiv and Avdiivka regions. 

However, the main focus of the fighting remains in Bahmut, where Russian forces have made some progress to the south of the city. Despite this, Grosberg emphasized that the contact line remains mostly unchanged in the larger perspective.

In the coming weeks, similar activities are expected to continue until the weather worsens and the period of road deterioration begins, according to Grosberg.
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