Former Russian President Medvedev warns that Russia will disintegrate if it loses war against Ukraine


In a direct response to US President Joe Biden's speech in Warsaw, where he emphasized that "if Russia stops its invasion, it ends immediately. If Ukrainians stop defending themselves, Ukraine is finished," former President and current Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev declared on Wednesday morning on Telegram that if Russia loses the war against Ukraine, it will shatter the country, and Russia will cease to exist.

Dmitry Medvedev also threatened the United States with nuclear weapons, as the US wants to defeat Russia. Medvedev also commented on Putin's announcement of Russia's suspension of the START nuclear agreement, under which there have been no mutual inspections for some time, and negotiations between the United States and Russia on the matter were interrupted last fall.

Medvedev called for the UK and France to be involved in the preparation of such agreements in addition to the United States and Russia. The vast majority of the world's nuclear warheads are in the US and Russian arsenals.

The former Russian president (2008-2012) has repeatedly expressed militant views on Telegram during the war in Ukraine.

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